Across Iceland

We set out on the empty roads of Iceland and were swallowed up by the scenery. As it turns out my lens didn’t do well with the cold weather and most photos are a tad out of focus. Spoiler: no northern lights.

We land in Iceland's lunar-like airport and made our way to the bus station where our airbnb host kindly picked us. He took us on a tour of Reykjavik before dropping us of at our apartment where we would meet our furry flat mate.

We caught the end of the Iceland airwaves festival with the wonderful sigur rós.

The next day we head off on the golden circle, a well trodden route of attractions starting with a walk between the Eurasian and North American continental plates.

Then on to Gulfoss, a roaring staircase of waterfalls , the first of many on our trip.

And finally on to the valley of Haukadalur where there is a frequently erupting geyser.

Back to the apartment before picking up a hire car the next day to travel east.

We stop in a little hotel on a farm where we befriend a scruffy little dog who joins us on a walk into the hills.

We meet a heard of beautiful Icelandic horses who were just beginning to get their winter coats. Hoping these weren't the horses that appeared on the menu later that evening.

You can drive for a good hour without seeing another car and it seemed that over each ridge we crossed the landscape and weather changed.

We drove until reaching our furthest point east, Jökulsárlón which means 'glacier lake'.

Ice floats from the lake down a river and out into the sea where they break apart and wash up onto the beach.

We check into a hostel just outside the Skaftafell national park where we would go glacier walking the next day.

The road back to Reykjavik.