A friend and I decided to skip Christmas this year and take a trip through Europe. Beginning in Rome then on to Venice, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, and ending up in Holland with a peculiar illness. All photos were shot on a little Lomo LCA hence the lofi feels.

First stop was Rome, probably my least favourite destination of the trip due to touristification but St. Peter's Basilica completely made up for it. Photos just can't do the place justice.

Next stop, Venice. What a completely surreal place. We spent two days getting lost down gnarly streets and stinky canals.

We hopped on a bus and made our way over the border to a snowy Slovenia making our way to the capital Ljubljana, a place bursting with art, culture and lovely people. We stayed in a converted prison on a square that has been taken over by artists.

Ljubljana's increadible Christmas lights celebrated science with a DNA helix, planets and galaxies.

Leaving Ljubljana behind we took a train into Austria and alighted in Salzberg where we would spend Christmas with a bunch of new friends.

Our penultimate stop was Munich where my travel buddy Mat came down with a fever and took to bed whilst I explored.

Poor old Mat.

Christmas is over and we take one very sleepless sleeper train into Amsterdam for new year as I also begin to come down ill. We spent a few hours in the hostel before deciding we'd rather go home than spend new years bed bound in a hostel dormitory, so we got the first plane back to good old Blighty just in time for Jools Holland.